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Just in comes some of us have forgotten about the lovable Koroks featuring in the upcoming Breath of the Wild, Nintendo are on hand to remind us as they’ve released another Zelda clip, this time on the official The Legend of Zelda Facebook page and it is a trailer bursting with Koroks! So if you haven’t seen it yet, see it here and see now:

Now instead of going: “With this new video giving more focus on the Koroks, and showcasing how you can find them anywhere, how do you feel this affects the timeline now?” We’re not asking that, because with the last video focusing on the ruins of the Temple of Time, and now this one, any kind of discussion regarding the timeline is just going to be a long one packed with arguments, so instead, we’re just going to ask you how happy are you to see the Koroks in a Zelda game again? And what sort of capacity, other than we’ve seen so far, would you like to see them serve in Breath of the Wild? Let us know!


Source: The Legend of Zelda (Facebook)

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