Pokemon Sun & Moon Manga Coming To CoroCoro In September

It has been announced by the Official Pokémon Twitter account that a new manga series based on Pokémon Sun & Moon is to begin in CoroCoro Comics starting September 15th. The Manga features a new trainer and his Pokémon partner Rockruff as they journey through the Alola region. Full details on this manga are to be revealed in this Friday’s issue of CoroCoro (August 12th). Be sure to stay tuned to this website as we’ll will certainly be keeping you posted on what information comes from it.

Source: Serebii.net


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  1. Excellent, Pokemon Adventures has always been a very solid title so I’m looking forward to this next region. Hopefully Red will also return at some point and challenge this new character. There hasn’t been as many crossovers in the manga lately.

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