For any of you who missed out on your chance to snag Darkrai earlier this year, as part of the monthly Mythical Pokémon distribution, then once again you might want to listen up because just like with Mew, there IS another way for you to get the Darkrai you missed out on!

A code for Darkrai will be sent out next month (September,) via the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter, so in order to receive the newsletter, you will need to make sure you have a Pokémon Trainer Club account (click here to create one if you haven’t because you’ll only have until the 24th of August to sign up.) If you do already have an account, make sure you have signed up to receive the newsletter. Now as for the code itself, as previously mentioned, it will be sent out as part of the newsletter, emailed directly to you. The code will be hard to miss and valid until the 30th of November, so even if you don’t use it straight away, time is on your side and it will work with any of the Pokémon ORAS and X&Y games.


Now this part we must stress, during the Mew version of this particular kind of distribution, only North America actually received the code, so although it hasn’t been specified just yet, it most likely is. Should any other details come to light, we’ll be back to provide an update.



By Jack Longman

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