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With E3 finally here and Pokémon Sun & Moon and The Legend of Zelda set to dominate our attention for the rest of the week, don’t forget that this is also the very same day where you can get a whole range of exclusive stuff from Zelda Wii U for Nintendo’s free app.


Sure we won’t actually be able to receive any of the new items until hours after the Nintendo Show has begun, but with what’s to come I am sure they are worth the wait, especially now when it means the items we can expect to get for the game, we might actually get to see in action first before getting the opportunity to seek it out in Miitomo. So just what is it Miitomo is going to get Zelda-wise? Firstly we are to receive all the gifts from the Miitomo/Zelda Retweet event (#Miitomo_Zelda_RT,) which includes the bonus Pixel Link T-shirt (black,) as Nintendo more than reached their goal of 40,000 retweets. Anyone hoping to collect these prizes can do so any time after June 14th 21:00 pm UTC (13:00 pm PST/ 16:00 pm EST.) But be advised as you will only have until the 14th of July to collect them.


Then hour later after we are able to collect our gifts (22:00 pm UTC/14:00 pm PST/17:00 pm EST) the rest of the Zelda items will follow as new Zelda stages for Miitomo Drop! will release at this time, as well as new items appearing in the Miitomo Shop. Also at this time a new Item Reward will be added to My Nintendo, which is an item exclusive to the upcoming Zelda title that you will be able to redeem by using your collected points for.


Each of the new Zelda content and My Nintendo reward is set to stick around until the 14th of next month, so although you don’t have to go all out your way to get it this week, but as a Zelda fan, you will want to make sure you grab every last bit you can and now that this is taken care of, it is time to be blown away by Zelda Wii U.


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