E3 Missions for My Nintendo!

Three new missions have been added to My Nintendo, all to do with the Nintendo E3 website, so if you’re looking to score another 60 Platinum points, read on.

2016-06-14 (10)

To score the points you will need to complete three missions, one requiring you to find the Sheikah Slate on the Nintendo E3 website. This is the easiest mission of the three and all three are the same as they do require you to search for other things pertaining to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with one requiring you to find the hidden Z and the other for the hidden Sheikah eye.


So far I have been able to find both, closer to the end of the page, but that is all the help I’m going to give you. But if I do find the hidden Z, I might just have to tweet its location.



Source: My Nintendo (Missions)


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