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From Mario to Link, Inklings to Pokémon, as always, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week! However given as how this was the week that featured a Nintendo Direct, you can expect to see a lot of Direct related content.



Last week we learned that the Wolf Link amiibo would unlock a new costume for the game and this week. It was revealed this week that the costume is not an amiibo exclusive as a special event course will be out next week (details here), with the Wolf Link costume being the obtainable reward for clearing the level. This is also the same week where we penned an article about a pattern Nintendo seem to be currently following, regarding the latest row of costumes. A pattern which continued to be proven true thanks to the release of the latest costume (Statue Mario) and event course.

More importantly this was also the week where we finally learned of another update is in store for Super Mario Maker and it will be out a next week. As well as new elements, the update will be bringing a new difficulty setting for 100 Mario Challenge and tweaking of the bookmark website. For full details on the update, be sure to read the source article.

Tanooki Statue Mario

Source: Version 1.40 is Coming to Super Mario Maker & Statue Mario



It seems Super Mario Maker isn’t the only game to be receiving an update on the 9th of March as Splatoon will also be on the receiving end and just like Super Mario Maker, the new changes that are on their way will also affect gameplay. Changes include adjustment of ranked battle matchmaking, new elements added to Splatfest to make the tournaments fresher than ever and there will even be new weapons and weapon recommendations.



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (OUT NOW):

Big Zelda news of the week, Twilight Princess HD is out and we are really loving this game. Some of the changes have been great and some not so much, but it is still a pleasure to play. But it seems the Wii U isn’t the only console getting a taste of Twilight as a Twilight Princess Picross game is on its way to the 3DS, as one of a few rewards that will be on offer from the all new My Nintendo account system which comes out this month. As for My Nintendo Picross The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, that will be available from the 31st of March.


Source: @NE_Brian of Nintendo Everything



While we’ve been left waiting on further news of the upcoming Pokémon our patience has paid off thanks to the release of two trailers for film, one of which you can watch here:

 While we still wait to hear more about Magearna, distributions are go this month as not only is Celebi up for grabs now, but so are Regirock, Regice and Registeel. Available from now until the 31st of October, 2016, the Pokémon are a reward to Pokémon Bank users across the globe. Although you do have plenty of time to get yours, it wouldn’t hurt if you got them now, save you forgetting about it later on.





While the Wii U has been missing the line-up of games it should have had during its 1st and 2nd year of release, it seems it will be getting during what could just be its final year as a new Paper Mario game is on the horizon. But before Paper Mario: Color Splash sees its summer release, in April we will be getting a double dose of Star Fox thanks to the retail release of Star Fox Zero and the digital release of Star Fox Guard. And while the Wii U is to receive them, the 3DS will be receiving an all new Kirby title. For the low-down on each of the games, be sure to check out the links below:

Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard (Nintendo Direct Details)

Kirby: Planet Robobot Coming to 3DS (Nintendo Direct Details)

 Paper Mario: Color Splash Wii U (Nintendo Direct Details)



The latest game to put itself in our sights was of course the very brilliant JRPG Bravely Second: End Layer and I have been greatly enjoying my time with the second instalment in the Bravely series. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I’m actually amazed as to how I have managed to prevent myself from ordering Bravely Default from amazon. This game is a must for any Final Fantasy fans and if you’re up to the challenge of seeing our full thoughts on the game, you can find a link to the review below:

End Layer & the Ballad of the Three Cavaliers / The Complete Bravely Second Review – Review (3DS)

However if JRPG’s aren’t to your liking, we have a batch of reviews on games that just might be to your tastes. Be them games on the Wii U, or the 3DS you can find them below:

Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews

Nintendo Wii U Game Reviews


            And if you’re interested in knowing what is next on our list of games to be reviewed, they are of course the recently re-released 3DS exclusive Pokémon Yellow and for the Wii U, we are of course diving into the world of Twilight Princess HD.




In a surprise twist last week, we don’t have 3 Top articles, but 4 due to having a two articles taking 3rd place, so with that in mind, here are our Top 4. In joint 3rd is of course our news piece: Pokémon GO Ready for Field-Testing and: Nintendo Direct Highlights (3.3.2016). The first piece addressed the cancellation of Niantic’s presentation regarding Pokémon GO at the 2016 GDC, due to Hanke and team preferring to focus their time and energy getting the mobile game ready for beta testing and release. Well for Japan beta testing is almost ready and provided all goes well, other countries around the world will also be able to get a taste of Pokémon GO.

As for our other 3rd place piece, it’s our very own run-through on the recent Nintendo Direct, containing all details that were given during the European Direct.

Taking 2nd place was of course: Version 1.40 Coming to Super Mario Maker & Statue Mario, a news piece which not only covered all the details regarding the forthcoming update, but also release details concerning the latest Mystery Mushroom costume, which you can get now by beating the Secrets of Statue Mario course, if you haven’t yet. Or can also check out our video of the recent course right here:



Now as for our Top Spot piece this week, it was of course our: Zelda U & The Nintendo NX – What the Nintendo Direct Did Tell Us. In this piece we wrote about the absence of Zelda U and the NX and speculated on just what this might mean. A speculation such as with Zelda U missing from the Summer line-up that it is more likely we will seeing the 19th instalment release sometime in November, with the NX following a few months later in 2017.  Also adding to our theory is the fact that not only is there a new Mario game due out this year, but Kirby and two Star Fox games.

For the full hypothesis be sure to check out the article with the links below, along with our other Top 4 Articles of the week just gone:


1st) Zelda U & The Nintendo NX – What the Nintendo Direct Did Tell Us

2nd) Version 1.40 is Coming to Super Mario Maker & Statue Mario 

Joint 3rd) Pokémon GO Ready for Field-Testing

Joint 3rd) Nintendo Direct Highlights (3.3.2016)



Nintendo Direct – March 2016 (UPDATES, GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS AND MORE):

Like our Big News section could be about anything other than the Nintendo Direct, the latest Nintendo information download, where we can get all up to date on what to expect and just what kind of things can we expect? Well for starters, Hyrule Warriors Legends will be on the receiving end of four dlc packs, for which a Season Pass will be available for and anyone who purchases the Season Pass, will receive a special outfit for Ganondorf, in true Wind Waker style. And of course there will be another character to play as in the form of Medli, also from the Wind Waker.

We also got to hear more about Metroid Prime: Federation Force. News on the game had been quiet for too long, so it was pleasing to get as many details as we could on the forthcoming 3ds title.

As well as Metroid, there was also the reveal of Disney Art Academy, release date details in Europe for Yo-Kai Watch and a whole list full of titles coming to the eShop over the next few months.

Now as much as I would like to go into detail over all the Nintendo Direct news and reveals, my colleague Mike Scorpio did a pretty good job of that already, so if it is elaborated details you’re after, I recommend reading the source article.


Source: Nintendo Direct Highlights (3.3.2016)


We do apologize for the tardiness of this article, the fault is my own thanks to a recent bout with the flu, which is still going on. Our next installment though will be on time as usual and given the updates we have out this week, you can expect to see some Splatoon and Super Mario Maker news.

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