To a lot of Zelda fans, Ocarina Of Time is The best Zelda game of all time and the parting of ways with Navi the fairy is probably one of the most memorable moments of the game. Whether it be a tearful goodbye after a binding friendship on an enduring adventure or a cheer for joy that the broken record of a companion has finally given our ears a rest. Whatever the case, we will always remember Navi leaving Link behind at the pedestal of the Master Sword as she flies out the window of the Temple Of Time. In the game Majora’s Mask which continues after Ocarina Of Time, Link goes on a journey in search of his dear friend that is lost to him, which leads to some reason that he is looking for Navi though it has not been officially clarified. Therefore this article will focus on the events that may have occurred After Navi’s departure in the Temple of time to Link’s arrival into the land of Termina.


After Link defeated Ganondorf and was returned to his own time, peace had returned to Hyrule (though never really explained how but that’s a theory for another time). Navi the Fairy departed from Link in the Temple Of Time after fulfilling her duty to Link and the Great Deku Tree. Navi was never Link’s fairy partner because he was never Kokiri but was raised as Kokiri. Navi was bestowed upon Link by the Great Deku Tree to help him on his journey to rid Hyrule of the great evil that had befallen it. After peace had returned to Hyrule, there was no further need for their companionship and they parted ways. Link who was always a Hylian from birth was now amongst his own kin, Navi could return to hers. Regardless of what each one may have felt for the other, there were always two worlds apart. Navi returned to the forest leaving Link behind to be with his countryfolk.


Link was again alone in the world. He was raised in the forest by the Kokiri but never really fit in with them as they all had fairy partners and Link never had his own until the events of Ocarina Of Time occurred. He finally had his own fairy and after saving the world his fairy partner left him. He was now yet again in a place where he felt he didn’t fit in. Hyrule may have been his birthplace but it wasn’t his home. He then began his journey to find Navi and to find his home in Kokiri forest but to get there he will have to go through the Lost Woods.


The Lost Woods are a mystical place and though it may be home to the Kokiri forest which is protected by the power of the great Deku Tree, it is also where many a traveler can get lost and turn into Stalfos. As forementioned the Kokiri forest is protected by the Magic of the Great Deku Tree and though he may have died, the enchantments may still be in place to protect the Kokiri from the outside world. The Kokiri themselves have also never ventured too deep into the forest for fear of turning into the imps of the Lost Woods; the Skull Kids. As is common nature in the game, The Kokiri are children of the forest that are accompanied by fairies. These fairies look over the children and could be somehow connected as to how the Kokiri traverse through the Lost Woods & Kokiri Forest without getting lost.


In the beginning of Majora’s Mask, Link is travelling through the Lost Woods when all of a sudden he gets attacked by a Skull Kid. Link could well be trying to find his was back to Kokiri forest but can’t because he no longer has his fairy partner to guide him. There could be a lot more to the fairies than originally thought. In Ocarina of time, only three screens connected Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field via the Lost Woods Bridge. What is not known is the actual distance between Kokiri forest and Hyrule field. The screen just fades to black and fades out to the next scene. For all intents and purposes it could be mere metres or miles, the distance is not actually measured in the game and could very well fade to black and out again to bypass ‘unnecessary filler’ that could create a lull in gameplay. It could also be that without a fairy partner to guide him, Link can never find the bridge that connects the forest to Hyrule fields and is left to wander aimlessly in the Lost Woods. It is from this moment he has his run-in with Skull Kid, the encounter with the Happy Mask Saleman and eventually his quest to save Termina from the falling moon above it.


Anyhow this is just a theory. If you would like to share your thoughts on the matter, by all means leave your views and opinions in the comments section below. Until next time Guys & Girls, Keep On Gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

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