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Continuing on with our #ZeldaMonth event, we take a look at some of the collectible trophies for Super Smash Bros For Wii U, namely those from the Zelda Franchise. There are 5 trophy boxes to fill with 38 different trophies to collect from 5 different game titles from Ocarina Of Time to Skyward Sword. The trophies can be collected in a manner of ways like completing certain game modes like Classic or All-Star. Completing certain challenges like Collect all types of head gear, buying them directly from the Trophy Shop or by sheer luck in Trophy Rush. All of the trophies are beautiful to look at and what makes them look even sweeter is when you can see them in their little display boxes (as seen in the slideshow below). What I didn’t notice before but do now is how in the Twilight Princess display case, the front row all have their own amiibo figure including the Wolf Link with Midna that will be available next month, Yippee! Though the latter is not an exact replica as the Wolf Link trophy and amiibo figure do not share the same pose. Still, I don’t think there is another display case in any of the other franchises that has a full row of trophies with amiibo counterparts except maybe the Fire Emblem series.

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Well Guys & Girls That Is All From Me For Now. Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

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