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As per usual in the months that lead up to E3, rumours are everywhere and one such rumour concerned a port of New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U being in the works for Switch.

Fast forward a few months and no such game was shown off at E3, or has been announced in the 2 months that have passed since, however today outlet comicbook has gone on record to say there is some truth to the rumour after all.

 New Super Mario Bros. U switch port

According to comicbook sources close to Nintendo of Europe, who previously provided “accurate information” on the likes of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, they have suggested a Switch port of NSMBU is in the works and that comicbook have done a bit of digging to corroborate on what they’ve heard with others and the follow details is what has been offered up in their article.

  • A port of the 2013 NSMBU is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
  • The port NSMBU will include the New Super Luigi U DLC, which was then given a physical release and packaged with NSMBU as a Nintendo Selects title for Wii U
  • Some sources claim the Switch release will have new content, but “exact details” were not given as they are “under wraps.”
  • A potential name for the port is “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe” as it is unclear if the name is a placeholder, or the actual title.
  • If the name is true, it pays homage to Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, is was an enhanced port of the original game for the Game Boy Color.
  • It is not clear when the title will release, but some sources claim it will be this year.


It is worth noting that NSMBU is one of the Wii U games that Switch owners thought Nintendo would port, as it is both a quality title and rich with content, not to mention a game that would currently fill the 2D Mario space Switch currently has, while Nintendo work on other games. Not to mention the fact that the comicbook article is written by Liam Robertson, whose previous comicbook rumour article pertained to 2 LEGO games that turned out to be true. (LEGO The Incredibles and DC Villains.)


Whatever the case, we will be sure to keep you in the loop with any and all developments that happen with regards to this story.




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