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I’m sorry guys, I hate to say it, but it’s time to end #BayonettaWeek!

By far, it has been my favourite Theme Week, but like all of those that came before it, #BayonettaWeek must also end, so as we see it off, here’s a summarised list of what we got up to:


February 11th 2018: (Pre #BayonettaWeek)


February 12th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)


February 13th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)


February 14th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)


February 15th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)


February 16th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)


February 17th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)


February 18th 2018: (#BayonettaWeek)



As always, a huge thanks goes out to all those who interacted with us, took part in our giveaway and won! We hope you look forwards to our Kirby Week starting on the 12th of March, 2018.

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