[Random] Splatoon’s Sheldon has a Big Fan in Bayonetta 2, Can you Guess Who?

Why settle for a Bayonetta 3 refernece, when you can also reference Splatoon as well?

In a similar case to using a certain amiibo in Bayonetta 2 to see a Byaonetta 3 reference, as long as you scan in any Splatoon related amiibo, the kids and squids of Inkopolis will not just get a mention, but, it turns out a certain someone is fan of Sheldon, and would love to get their hands on the N-Zap and that someone, is Rodin! Care to see what he says in full? We’ve got his comment right here:


Stay tuned for more, because the next and final instalment of our amiibo coverage today will make you smile!


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