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During the EVO Japan event that was held over the last weekend, some brand new footage of the New Battle Pokémon to be joining Pokken Tournament DX was shown. Aegislash from Pokemon X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, will be available via DLC from tomorrow (January 31st) and will also bring a new support Pokémon combo of Mega Rayquaza & Mimikyu.

You can check out footage of Aegislash in action in the video below.

If you have yet to purchase the DLC, the battle pack for Wave 1 (BP-Aegislash, SP- Mega Rayquaza & Mimikyu) and Wave 2 (BP- Blastoise, SP- Mew & Celebi) will set you back $15 USD. That is still pretty pricey for two playable characters and a few in-game “buffs” but I have already bitten the bullet and paid anyway. Maybe if Bandai Namco see sense, they will bring more DLC characters to help fill out the fighter roster and hopefully not charge as much next time.

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