[Random] Evening more “New Stage for ARMS” Twitter Teasing (November 2017)

Just in case the tweet the other day wasn’t enough of a tease, the official Twitter account for ARMS is back with another image and tweet and good old @armsfan_eng has provided the following English translation to the image we’re sharing below:


“This magnificent pillar carries the weight of history! I feel a part of history just by touching it…ufufu… By the way, the face carved into the pillar here, in this region it seems to be worshipped as a god. Overflowing with divinity, exuding intimidation and a sense of affinity! Is it my imagination or do I not resemble it a bit? See, like in its divinity and so on…”


Only it’s not just a face on the pillar as there also seems to be something wrapped around it. (A new fighter perhaps?) Whoever/whatever it is, we’re bound to learn more when the next tease rolls out. Until then, stay tuned for more!



Source:@ARMS_Cobutter (Twitter) & @armsfan_eng (Twitter)


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