If you’re reading this, it means you’re visiting the Miketendo64 website and it is Let’s Talk About time!


But what is Let’s Talk About? Well it’s our feature series that continues to evolve and as part of its evolution, we’ve taken it public, so that instead of just me or Mike Scorpio and I doing all the work, discussing all things Nintendo related, now you too can join in and have your say. So in light of that and eager to strike up yet another instalment, because it is #MarioWeek at Miketendo64, we asked a whole bunch of questions on Twitter, and today we’re sharing the responses each question got:

Best Mario Character: 

@austinclan9999: “Lakitu, without a doubt.”

@WizardDojo: “Bowser. But also Geno, Fawful, Rosalina, DK, and the Mario Bros. themselves, of course.”

@Liutasil81: “Wario.”

@timmi1812: “Luigi.”

@Ninrou8: “Yoshiiiiiiiiii!”

@darthcsad: “The Koopa Kids.”

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Best Mario Moment?:

@Nonkhi: “Playing Mario 64 as a child.”

@darthcsad: “Super Mario World: Accidentally discovering the pass through Bowser’s domain in the Donut Plains. My friend and I thought we broke the game!”


Best Mario Spin-off?:

@Paul_Pope: “Mario Kart for sure!”

@Ninrou8: “Mario Kart 8 <3!”

@darthcsad: “Mario Kart 64.”


Most Deserving Mario Game to get a Sequel?:

@timmi1812: “Isle Delfino and I hope it will happen in SMO.”

@darthcsad: “Dinosaur Land.”

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A Mario Location you would Love to Make a Return to?:

@austinclan9999: “Super Mario 3D World. I reckon they could really expand on the multiplayer in a sequel…”

@Paul_Pope: “Sunshine needs a sequel.”

@Ninrou8: “Mario Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2!”

@darthcsad: “SMB 2.”


What is your Most Favourite Mario related amiibo?:

@darthcsad: “The 8-bit Classic Mario.”


Who is a Mario Boss you wish to see the Return of?:

@Marcus_Sellars: “I want a Chain Chomp boss!!”

@JJWoodford: “How about something new like Bowser Jr. in a wee best man’s suit with his ship all done up too.”

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I say Mario, you Say?:

@timmi1812: “Isle Delfino and I hope it will happen in SMO.”

@darthcsad: “Do do do do do doot, doot!


Who is a Mario Character you would Like to See More of?:

@wraithgames: “Geno, Wart, Daisy, and Midbus.”

@austinclan9999: “BUZZY BEETLE!!! Let’s get him into 3D!!!”

@darthcsad: “Mouser.”


Since Mario has a mobile game, who thinks Luigi or Wario should be the next Mario characters to get one? Warioware on Mobile devices would be Fun!:

@austinclan9999: “Actually Warioware on mobile would work far better than it ever has on console IMHO.”

@miketendo64 (in response to @austinclan9999): “Touch controls, voice controls, tilt controls. It has plenty of promise. They could even make it a 1-2-Switch tie-in by having those sort of games but with Warioware. Aka 1-2-Warioware.”

@austinclan9999 (in response to @miketendo64): “The thing is that Nintendo wish to use mobile to attract people to their systems, and so I doubt they’d ever make it a complete experience.”

@timmi1812: “I think a simple Luigi’s Mansion mobile game would be nice, where you can defend ghosts on the go.”

@miketendo64 (in response to @timmi1812): “And Halloween would have been as good a time as any to release it, only it doesn’t seem it will be this year.”

@timmi1812 (in response to @miketendo64): “Yes, maybe next year. That would be really nice.”

@darthcsad: “WarioWare mobile would be sweet, A Luigi’s Mansion, top-down view type game would be neat.”

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Once you get Hold of Super Mario Odyssey, what’s your plan of attack? Lock-in/long gaming session or get everyone round, get out the Big TV and play in Style? (No inviting Karen):

@austinclan9999: “(Karen will be VERY upset BTW…)”

@miketendo64 (in response to @austinclan9999): “I don’t doubt that she will be, but she didn’t invite us to her party and it’s not like anyone ever saw her again.”

@austinclan9999 (in response to @miketendo64): “Well first I’ll unwrap the cellophane… Seriously, I will just hang around the first world doing crazy stuff for the first day!”

@miketendo64 (in response to @austinclan9999): “Nah, I think I prefer the cellophane answer. Our EiC unwrapped Nights of Azure 2 with a sword. Video is taking forever to upload though, so you can see, but when it’s online.”

@Paul_Pope: “Big TV, recliner chair, kids in bed, all-night session, suffer the noise of small children the rest of the weekend!”

@miketendo64 (in response to @Paul_Pope): “You won’t let them delight in it also? That’s bad parenting, but very smart gaming!”

@Paul_Pope (in response to @miketendo64): “One just dribbles as he’s 4 months old & the other broke her arm last week so I could be a great parent & offer knowing neither can play.”

@darthcsad: “Marathons both solo and then letting my 5yr old son dig into it.”


Should the Switch get another big Mario title within the next 3 years, any preference as to what you would want it to be? A Super Mario Maker Port? A New Super Mario Bros? Paper Mario Switch, or just something else that is 2D?:

@Jome20: “Love a Paper Mario similar to the Thousand Year Door or Super Paper Mario (Wii). Super Mario Maker DX port makes a ton of sense too.”

@PatbenSte (in response to @Jome20): “How would you build levels Mario Maker? Touchscreen only? Nintendo never would do that… With buttons? Uaaah…”

@Jome20 (in response to @PatbenSte): “Switch has a touch screen functionality so the creation tool menu would prob just overlap the screen and go away when not being used.”

@austinclan9999: “Super Mario RPG 2. I will never rest until it comes to fruition!”

@WizardDojo: “Bowser. But also Geno, Fawful, Rosalina, DK, and the Mario Bros. themselves, of course.”

@PatbenSte “All of them!!!!!”

@Paul_Pope: “A Super Mario All-Stars style HD collection of classics, they must be able to squeeze so many past hits into a Switch cartridge!”

@timmi1812: “The Switch definitely needs a New Super Mario Bros. A new Paper Mario would be nice, too!”

@darthcsad: “Yes, 1.5-2 years hopefully. How about an HD Mario 64 update? To hold us off until an Odyssey sequel!”



Now I could do the typical thing I do when we reach this stage in the newer version of Let’s Talk About, but not today. Our followers have said enough, and because #MarioWeek is about us and not I (even though there is a I in Mario,) there is no need for me to have my say, so instead, we’re going to wrap this up so you can go back to playing, or watching others play Super Mario Odyssey!


This has been another of our revised instalments of Let’s Talk About. Thank you reading. Thank you for supporting the series and if you wish to join in with the conversation, you can do so below by leaving a comment.


Until the next instalment, keep on gaming!

By Jack Longman

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