Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Review

Mario Mania is back and to celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Kuribo is reviewing the new Mario Amiibo! Find out if this new figure is worth adding to your collection.

Has there been a more anticipated game than Super Mario Odyssey this year?  I can’t think of many and even for someone like me who does not have a Switch yet, I was still pumped for the release of the game because I knew we were getting new Mario figures alongside.  These Amiibo have a lot of character to them and offer something different than any other Mario figure we’ve seen.  With that said, let’s jump in and take a closer look at the latest Mario Amiibo from Nintendo!

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box FrontBox – Nintendo put together an interesting design for these new Amiibo boxes.  Red, gold, and white obviously work well with Mario and look classy for a wedding but if you look closely, there is an atlas-like style to the background that really looks cool and fits the theme of Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box BackFunctionality – On the back of the Amiibo…

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