Arms Nintendo Switch Video

[Video] A “Poorly Shot and Grainy” Preview of ARMS’s forthcoming Fighter

Once again the ARMS Twitter account is back in action with teasing us regarding what appears to be another female fighter for ARMS.


 A clear video could easily have been shared instead of the grainy gif we were given, but never the less, this new fighter appears to be something else entirely and has an interesting way about her and the stage they’re shown fighting in, is the one we saw Biff hanging out at the other day, so if there was any doubt about the new location not being a stage, we can now do away with it and here is that video:

According to Biff, a camera was destroyed whilst filming the fighter gaining in reputation and that they do appear to have new ARMS, which we already knew as when this fighter was initially teased, it was stated they’d come with their own set of ARMS, but until we get a release day or even a name for this new fighter, this is all we know for now.


Source: @ARMS_Cobutter (Twitter)


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