[Random] Cast of The Wonderful 101 Plays The Wonderful 101 on Switch

Just in case PlatinumGames haven’t got our hopes up enough of a Bayonetta port/Bayonetta 3 release for Switch, now they’re at it again!


Only instead of teasing Bayonetta once again, this time it’s a couple of the Wonderful 101 guys playing The Wonderful 101, on Switch with Famicom themed Joy-Con Controllers. For clarity, this does not mean a port is in the works, but simply PlatinumGames could be gauging fans interest in a port, or it could be a tease that a sequel could be in the works for Switch, or just maybe they want to stir us all into a speculative craze once again.


Whatever the reasoning behind all this though, it is all in good fun!


Source: @platinumgames_j (Twitter)


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