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With Monster Hunter XX’s possible localisation dominating the headlines again, it’s time to continue the story.


After news of the Monster Hunter XX demo station being spotted at Nintendo’s set-up for Japan Expo 2017, @NoruDarts soon took to Twitter to state the demo he saw (it was him who took the photo that started all this in the first place,) is in fact the Japanese version of the game. But before such a response came, we sent an email to Capcom UK to get a comment on the photo and the following is what Capcom has to say for themselves with regards to Monster Hunter XX:

“Our comment remains that we have no announcements to make at this time about Monster Hunter XX coming to the West.”


By all means you can try to read into the comment to divulge what it really means, but just don’t. It’s not worth the time as it could easily go either way. So just accept it for what it is and if localisation does eventually happen, we can all rejoice and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world as the Switch and 3DS both have plenty of games, including Monster Hunter Stories, which comes West later on this year.


Until next time, keep on gaming!


Source: Capcom UK PR

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  • pretty bummed out about this. Playing monster hunter on the 3DS is cool, but well before the switch, i always wanted to play it on consoles as well, much like what they did with MHU3 on 3ds and wii U. I was super excited that they announced this for switch, and seeing monster world coming to other consoles, I can’t help but feel i really want this game to be portable.

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