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[Video] Another Look at Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology for 3DS

Earlier this week, Atlus announced Radiant Historia: Perfect Historia: Perfect Chronology for the 3DS and today Atlus have shared a debut trailer and some gameplay footage that Nintendo Everything was able to capture and upload onto YouTube and you can see both right here:

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology comes to the 3DS in Japan on the 29th of June.


Source: atlustube (YouTube) & NinEverything (YouTube)



  1. Really glad to see that Atlus is committed to keeping the 3DS alive, but I can’t help wonder if it’d be a better investment for them to put their name on the map with the Switch, or at the very least, cross-develop for both. The reason I don’t think they’re doing the latter, however, is the difficulty in developing for two completely different consoles with different inputs.

    Would love to hear some new developments from Atlus on the Switch front soon. I’ll end up getting this if it ever comes to the west, as I’ve had the OG Radiant Historia in my backlog for ages, but honestly they’ve gotta move on to the new hardware!

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