[Update] New Figures & Alterations (Pokémon Duel Version 3.0.3)

Version 3.0.3 of Pokémon Duel is available now and for players needing a reminder with regards to the four Pokémon who just saw some alterations, here is that reminder:


  • Ability – Charizard gets the ability Speed Booster which increases its Movement by 1 if it has evolved.

  • Move Iron Tail is changed to Dragon Tail.


  • Power of Dragon Breath increased from 80 to 100.

  • Power of Land’s Wrath increased from 60 to 70.


  • Ability – Metgross gets the ability Rapid Calculation which ignores ability-forced respin effects.

  • Power of Metal Claw increased from 80 to 90.


  • Ability – Tyranitar gains the new ability Speed Booster.

  • Earthquake piece size increased.

  • Power of Bite increased from 40 to 50.

  • Position of Earthquake and Crunch swapped.

  • Size of Miss piece reduced.

As well as the changes to the above Pokémon, there are of course other changes. 11 new figures have been added to Boosters, there are two new EX figures, which consists of Zekrom and Reshiram, two Rare figures that consist of Flygon and Whimsicott. Then of course there’s Gothita and Solosis who have been added as new UC ifgures and two new plates that focus on Zygarde, Zekrom and Reshiram. Lastly an Orange Time Booster has will appear through League Matches until the 14th of March and it is guaranteed to “hold Fairy-type or Dragon-type Pokémon.”

Source: Serebii.net


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