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We’ve seen Miitomo promote games that launched on the Wii U, the 3DS and event mobile devices and now a new promotion gets underway tomorrow as Miitomo promotes the Nintendo Switch!

The Miitomo/Nintendo Switch collaboration runs from the 3rd of March and ends on the 23rd and while it doesn’t feature the typical Retweet event as previous promotions had, it does have a daily sign in bonus that can see players collect the following items:

  • Day 1 Sign-in: Nintendo Switch stamp set
  • Day 2 Sign-in: Nintendo Switch wallpaper
  • Day 3 Sign-in: Nintendo Switch logo tee
  • Day 4 Sign-in: Nintendo Switch flooring
  • Day 5 Sign-in: Nintendo Switch console visor


*While it is not necessary to log in every single day of the event, players will need to make sure they at least sign in 5 times during the event to get every item.


But wait, there’s more! As part of the all Nintendo Switch promo, there will also be Nintendo Switch themed stamps that players can receive, (this is the Day 1 sign-in item), which can then be used to jazz up players Miifotos. Consult the image below to get a good look at the stamps players will receive.


If you have Miitomo, you may as well take advantage of the event and its items, I know I will!


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