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(Video) The Greatest Nintendo Switch Rap Song you Will See this Year!

I’m going to be honest, I despise rap music.

It’s not my type of music and sometimes I detest the way rappers extend certain words to make it fit with the beat and lyrics of their latest hit, but having just watched the best Switch related rap song, I didn’t hear anything I hated. So because I like it, and I think you will like it, you can see it right here.

Great song FabvL!


Source: FabvL (YouTube




  1. Like yourself, I’m not partial to rap at all, but I didn’t mind this song! Pretty sure my favorite part of the video was Mario dancing during the “Playin’ Switch” part of the chorus, haha! Thank you for finding and sharing it! I wonder if you’ve ever checked out Yungtown on YouTube — he’s really the only rapper that Rachel and I listen to considering his songs are about Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, etc. One of my favorites of his is a collab he did with Garrett Williamson called “Settle It in Smash.”

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