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As with any newer Zelda game, as soon as we learn of one, fans often ask just where exactly does the new game fit in and while Aonuma may have been coy with his response in a Vice interview, he did share a little more than he usually does.

“I wouldn’t say that it obviously fits into any one part of the timeline, but if you play the game, you’ll be able to work out where it fits. As you probably saw in the trailer, the most recent trailer, there’s a woman’s voice, and she says: ‘The history of the royal family of Hyrule is also the history of the Calamity Ganon.’ And as you know, the Zelda series, up until now, is a history of repeated attacks by Ganon. So, there’s food for thought there. I don’t want to say anything more as I’d like players to work it out for themselves, to play the game and see what they think.”

Resultat d'imatges de Breath of the Wild

And since that wasn’t the only interesting response the Aonuma had to share, here’s a few more he offered up.


Nintendo only Decided to Bring Breath of the Wild to the Nintendo Switch, during Spring of 2016:

“The cross-platform aspect became a reality in the spring of last year—that’s when we really decided to develop this for the Switch, too. And that was difficult for the team, and I personally tried to work out in my own head how we’d make the necessary changes, and how we’d make that process happen, before I asked the team to work on the Switch conversion. I didn’t want to place too much extra burden on them. But, in the end, the process of cross-platform development wasn’t as difficult as we thought it’d be. It actually went quite smoothly.

In terms of changes and alterations, they were all done in order to ensure the Switch and Wii U versions are offering the same experience. I can definitely say that the two games are the same, and there’s absolutely nothing missing in the Wii U version. What I will say, though, is that one small difference is that the loading times are quicker on the Switch. I’m sure that people who play it on that platform, particularly in handheld mode, will be very happy with those shorter loading times.”


Breath of the Wild is not the only Zelda game voice acting was considered for, but it is the first game where it Worked:

“I definitely feel that, when you’re playing a game, if a character actually speaks to you, with a voice, then you do have a deeper connection with them. You get a clearer sense of who that character is, and what they’re all about.

In terms of whether or not we’d considered using voice acting in the past, we definitely have thought about it. We weren’t able to do it, though. This time, we could. Now, why we could this time, but not before, is to do with a certain system we’ve used in the game. But I can’t really tell you any more about what that system is, because it’d kind of be giving too much away about the game. You’ll just have to play it, and see how the voice acting fits in for yourself.”

While Breath of the Wild is an “all-encompassing story,” it is not necessarily a Dark Zelda game:

“Regarding that trailer, we really wanted to create, using the music as well, this dramatic flow—and I think we achieved that. But in terms of the overall tone of the game, I wouldn’t say that it’s especially dark. Similarly to Ocarina of Time, it’s quite an all-encompassing story. There’s humor, there’s moving parts, there’s dramatic parts. But Breath of the Wild, overall, isn’t darker than previous Zelda titles.”


Breath of the Wild was always intended to be a game with a vast, yet connected World:

“Actually, we did have in mind, from the start of development that we wanted to create a large, wide, expansive world. And part of the reason for that comes from the feedback we got after Skyward Sword. The way that game word was set up was that you had kind of separate areas, separate strongholds, that you’d sort of land in and explore. But they were all self-contained, and they weren’t really connected together.

We listened to a lot of opinions, from people who played Skyward Sword. And a lot of people said to us how they found the game… Not exactly unsatisfying, but they wish they could have explored the areas between the strongholds. So taking that on board, from the very start of Breath of the Wild, we wanted to, and set out to, create a world that wasn’t only vast, but where everything was connected. So you really could freely explore the world, without these barriers or gaps imposed.”

Resultat d'imatges de Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild supports Auto and Manual Save:

“Breath of the Wild has two save functions. We’ve an auto save, and a manual save. The game will auto save as you play, as you move around the map. And so, if you are playing on the Switch, on the go, and the battery did run out, because that auto save kicks in quite regularly, you shouldn’t lose too much progress. You’d only go back a short distance.

But as there’s the manual save function, too, you can save the game whenever you want to. So when you see the battery is about to die, you can save right then, and not lose any progress at all. But that’s not a particular function of the Nintendo Switch, the console, generally speaking. Rather, it’s something we’ve chosen to include in Breath of the Wild. So I can’t comment on what other games will do.”


Taking The Legend of Zelda in another Direction:

“Regarding the future possibility of us taking a Zelda title in a new direction, perhaps with Link as someone different, or with a new protagonist altogether who’s radically different from what we’ve seen before, on the Wii U there’s already Hyrule Warriors. In that you’ve got Princess Zelda herself as a playable character, and a real assortment of playable characters including numerous female ones. So, that title exists already. But in the future, regarding doing that sort of thing again, and changing what you expect from Zelda characters, I’d say yes, it’s a possibility.”

Resultat d'imatges de Hyrule Warriors

For anyone wanting to check out the complete interview, which contains even more responses regarding Aonuma needing to watch what he says, fan reaction and a hell of a lot more, be sure to click on the link below:




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