We are no just 17 hours away from the Fire Emblem Direct and while very little is publically known about what will be shown off, there is some news that can be found, if you know where to look.

Not everything I previously reported and heard about Fire Emblem Warriors turned out to be true, but the source who’s information was correct has shared a few new tidbits with me, and handed me a few rumour he heard as well, all of which I shall share here now with all of you:

*From Source implies the rumour comes straight from my source and Not from source, meaning it’s just something he’s heard, but not sure if it’s true or not.


  • The Fire Emblem Direct will run from 10-15 minutes. (From source.)
  • Both Fire Emblem Warriors and smartphone title will be shown, but that’s not all. (From source.)
  • Corrin amiibo will make an appearance. (Not from source.)
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation port for Nintendo Switch doesn’t exist and therefore will not be shown during the Direct. (Not from source.)
  • Fire Emblem Warriors will release in October. (Not from source.)
  • While Warriors consists of characters from Awakening and Fates, “don’t be surprised if you see a few other characters you recognise from previous games.” (Not from source.)
  • Retail release is planned. (From source.)
  • Warriors takes some inspiration from Hyrule Warriors, but there are some drastic changes. (From source.)
  • While no title on the smartphone game was shared, it was reiterated that “Brave” is just a codename. (Not from source.)
  • A Cup of Tea Productions are involved with the mobile title, with Sarah Blandy providing the localised English dialogue. (Not from source.)
  • Fire Emblem Warriors is not necessarily an exclusive title. Koei Tecmo are aware of the 3DS Fire Emblem fanbase and a port has been discussed for the NEW Nintendo 3DS. (From source.)
  • Smartphone mobile title will release in February. (From source.)
  • Nintendo have learned their lesson from Super Mario Run with regards to price and taken in consideration that Mario is more popular than Fire Emblem, resulting in a cheaper in-app purchase. (Not from source.)
  • While Super Mario Run is content complete, with no intention to expand upon it with new levels, Fire Emblem for smartphones may support dlc.in the future, but this might be something you have to pay for. (Not from source.)
  • Smartphone Fire Emblem title will be coming to both Android and iOS devices, but as far as the February is concerned, my source has heard nothing about the game coming to the App Store, meaning only Android users can download the game at launch. (From source.)


That concludes everything I’ve been able to get out of my source as far as the Direct is concerned, and while some of his information did turn out factual. I’m not confident enough to report them as being factual, so for now they are just a whole ton of rumours that will either be confirmed, or disproved when the Direct airs tomorrow. For anyone looking to watch the direct, it begins at the following times:

14:00 p.m. PT (January 18th)

17:00 p.m. ET (January 18th)

22:00 p.m. in the UK (January 18th)

23:00 p.m. in Europe (January 18th)


Source: No one I can disclose

By Jack Longman

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