Nintendo Switch Confirmed! Arms

If you were a fan of Pokken Tourtnament, then you will love Arms for the Nintendo Switch!

Arms is a fighting game, much like any fighting game we’ve seen before, except the fighters have arms that can extend a long way, making fights a lot more interesting! As explained by Kosuke Yubuski, the Producer of Arms, it is a game that sees players arm themselves with the Joy-Cons (each player will need two) and requires to be held in the thumbs up position. Arms features highlights include:

  • Player versus PC.

  • Players vs friends.

  • Online battles are coming soon.

  • Special attacks are included.

  • More techniques can be learned the more you play.

  • Playable characters include String Man and Ribbon girl

  • Releases in Spring.

Source: Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017


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