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Here we go again, but hopefully, for the last time as Eurogamer is on hand to back up reports and set the record straight.

Since Breath of the Wild was first revealed, rumours, reports and news have dominated most Nintendo news sites and in the last couple of months, most of the articles those sites produced pertaining to the new Zelda title, consisted of the same thing, it’s release. We went from a March release, to a June release and now we’re back to a March release, but not for Europe. In no time at all, it became a mucky affair with no one knowing exactly what is true and what isn’t, but things started to change this week.

This was the week the March release for Breath of the Wild was confirmed to be back on the table as far as North America is concerned and in a new report by Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, more information regarding the release and an explanation for all the confusion, is given in a well written and straight to the point article.

If you remember, it was Emily Rogers who reported that Breath of the Wild would not be making its delay, due to requiring localisation and such that would take 4-6 months. Well Phillips wrote that Eurogamer also heard a similar thing from sources close to Nintendo. Specifically saying the game is content complete, but is 4 to 6 months away from being ready for release. But things have changed, apparently Japan has had a “change of heart” and decided they want the Nintendo Switch to have a launch line-up as strong as possible, so they brought Breath of the Wild’s March release back on the table, which suited them greatly, as a source is reported as saying Nintendo Japan always wanted March and were uncomfortable by the idea of a later release. Another source however says the decision to move ahead with the March release, regardless of Europe, was “only finalised by committee at the end of last year.”


Now the reasons for Europe’s Breath of the Wild latter release, comes across as being Nintendo of Europe’s fault, as they want the game to be as perfect as can be and obviously give it all the localisation it needs. While it does suck Zelda fans in Europe will have to wait longer, especially when Nintendo could put more resources onto the project to ensure it is ready, or even release as is come March and put out an update to incorporate additional languages when ready, this is not the first time this has happened with a Nintendo game and nor will it be that last. Also due to the fact that Australia and New Zealand also fall under the PAL region, along with Europe, even if the Switch does turn out to not be region-locked like it is currently rumoured to be, it would mean Breath of the Wild will not be headed down under in March as well.

But the thing to take away from this, even if the European March release for Breath of the Wild is not a reality, Eurogamer do in fact confirm the release for North America and Japan and we should get the official Nintendo confirmation come January 12th/13th during the Nintendo Switch presentation.


Source: Eurogamer

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