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If you’re a resident in the UK, you may have heard Nintendo gave gamers in the UK the chance to win the opportunity play the Nintendo Switch during a private hands-on event, hell you may have even entered and now Nintendo are sending out emails to the winners!

While Nintendo UK have not made an announcement on this just yet, we do know for a fact this is true as more winners are coming out on Twitter to reveal they are one of the lucky few and the first of them to reveal such a thing was of course @John_Sia:

From us here at Miketendo64, congratulations John, we hope you truly cherish the momentous gaming occasion that awaits you, either on the 14th or the 15th of January, (depends on the date and time he chooses). But like we said, other winners have also been chosen and in order to find out if you are one of them, you will want to check your emails at your soonest convenience, because you never you, you, a UK based reader, may just have an email from the Big N!


Source: @John_Sia (Twitter)

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