Once again it is rumour time as far as Breath of the Wild’s release, as Laura Kate Dale has taken to Twitter with some fresh news.

Following all the confusion in recent days, Dale has stated that she is 100% certain that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will in fact be releasing in March, for North America. Although Europe could also see a release during that month, Dale’s European sources are still claiming a June release. However while she can “confirm” Breath of the Wild for Switch, in March for North America, she can not say the same for the Wii U version as she has no clue whatsoever on that. But it doesn’t end there.Screenshot (21).png

Although that is most of what Dale had to say, Emily Rogers has also taken to Twitter to back up Dale’s claim:

As always though, only read into this as much as you want to, although it would be doubtful the European release would happen 3 months later than the North American version (plus it would be highly unfair), it’s actually more likely it’s the Wii U release that’ll end up being June, but that’s just my two pennies worth. Let’s hear yours!


Source: @LaurakBuzz (Twitter) & Emily Rogers (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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