Once again Nintendo have continued to make good on their regular posting of Breath of the Wild screenshots and in today’s instalment, we can clearly see Link doing battle against a Laser Sword Wielding Guardian, as part of s Shrine’s challenge.

While it may not be anything overly impressive, it’s still a great shot nonetheless and does well to capture the essence of the hero, whilst showing Link off in a great way and demonstrating Breath of the Wild’s beauty and colourful workings. Also it’s worth taking a closer look at the illustration, because it looks like this Guardian had two arms before Link decided to slice one off. (Oh Link, what are you like, you naughty boy!)


And since we are sharing Zelda related media content, here’s some more, which comes from our own Mike Scorpio, who is currently in England at the moment and took a trip to the nearest GAME store:


Despite more and more rumours and reports continuing to state Breath of the Wild will no longer be releasing in March, the objects in the photo state otherwise, but it has been said a Breath of the Wild release date is to be announced in January, so we’ll know for sure soon enough and that is cause for celebration!


Source: The Legend of Zelda (Facebook) & Mike Scorpio

By Jack Longman

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