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To All of our friends, family and followers, the whole Miketendo 64 Team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Our website and fanbase has increased exponentially since last year and it is all thanks to your dedication and followship. Christmas is about family and loved ones and we like to think of you all as our family. The love and support that we get from you all is extremely humbling. Next year will be a big year for us at Miketendo64, with the arrival of the Switch and Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and no doubt Nintendo will aim to blow the competition away at E3. We will be here to report it every step of the way along with new content to keep you entertained during the slow periods.

We also wish to thank the talented individuals for joining our team as well as running their own blogs and websites. It has been a pleasure to connect and collaborate with you all andI look forward to working alongside you guys through 2017. These fine folks are none other than;

Kuribo of Nintendo Figures

Mr. Panda of Mr Panda’s Reviews

Dan 0f Dan’s Gaming News

themancalledscott of Wizard Dojo

Gamer2006 of Gamer2006

Matt of Nintendobound

Vic88HGN of Handheld Gaming Network

Of course I can’t forget about our Editor-in-Chief, Jacktendo92 or our exclusive Comic Strip illustrator avlongman9, so thank you both for your hard work and I hope that you ALL have a very Merry Christmas as well and most importantly, Drink plenty and eat plenty more because we are all gonna need to keep our strength up for the next year.

Until Next Time Guys & Girls, Keep On Gaming!


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