Dr. Kawashima Makes Head Way Into Super Mario Maker

It seems there is still life in Super Mario Maker For Wii U yet as a new event course is now available and features the master of Brain Training himself, Dr. Kawashima. Completing this course unlocks Dr. Kawashima’s Head as a costume which is a nice little nod to Satoru Iwata as there is a striking resemblance in between the two. Anyhow, if you would like to get this costume, you can unlock it now.


Dr. Kawashima’s Athletic Training:

As a scientist working to improve people’s health, Dr. Kawashima knows it’s important to give his body a little exercise sometimes as well as his brain. See if you can make it through his gruelling exercise routine – and of course, when you find his body, don’t forget to put his head on top and strike a pose!



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