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I started working on a little intro sequence for our YouTube videos earlier this week but after playing around with several ideas and putting them today, it suddenly spurned me to make a full on music video. It didn’t take long to think of which song to use nor getting the footage I need to add to it. From the get go, I was going to use Miis of the Miketendo64 Team from Nintendo’s own Mobile App Miitomo and have them dancing around to Andrew W.K.’s “We want Fun.”

This Music video is a homage to the Wii U and to all the joy it has given me and I am sure to many others that let themselves buy this extremely underated console. Which is why the video is titled “Wii Want Fun! (U Better Believe It!). I find it a clever play on words, even if no one else does.

Along with featuring myself in Mii Form and our Editor in Chief Jacktendo92, there are plenty of cameos of members of the Miketendo64 team including Mr. Panda, themancalledscott, Kuribo, Gamer2006, Matt from Nintendobound, Dan of Dan’s Gaming News and our Comic Artist Avlongman9 which is our way of thanking them for their support and collaboration to this website. I sincerely hope you enjoy our video which is below for you to see, you can also check it out on YouTube channel.

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