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Let’s Play Video Games’ Laura Dale has published another report on the Nintendo Switch saying that she has been informed by 2 independent sources that the UK-based Store GAME will be selling the Newest console from Nintendo at £199.99. This price is not dictated by Nintendo as they are not allowed to set suggested retail prices for their consoles. I have a feeling that it could only be a placeholder price at the moment but if it turns out to be true, the Nintendo Switch will no doubt sell like hotcakes over the UK


According to her sources, Dale has stated that there will also be a second SKU that will be sold at £249.99. This bundle will have a Switch console with more internal storage and includes a game. There is no mention as to what the game will be as her sources have only told her what they know so far. GAME is also apparently selling the Switch controllers at around £39.99

Lastly, Laura Dale has heard that Nintendo Plans to sell the Switch at a similar price in other countries as well in a push to make the Switch region free. With the constant fluctuation in currency conversion it is hard to say how much the console will sell for but it is likely that it will be around €249 euros and €299 for the bundle. It is possibly that it will be very similar in US Dollars for the States.

Finally, Dale has heard that Nintendo is planning to sell the Switch at a similar price in other countries (after factoring in currency conversion), as part of the push for the Switch being region-free. Given the current state of the British Pound, this makes prices in other countries a bit hard to predict, though it will likely be in the range of 249€ for the cheaper SKU and 299€ for the more expensive one, with a likely similar US Dollar price.

Source: Let’s Play Video Games

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