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Maintenance is over, the update is out and Miitomo will never be the same again.

Yes we knew of the changes that were coming, but we didn’t know to the extent that Nintendo would take them too. Yes sending and receiving messages does appear to be long winded, but it is part of the charm, especially since you can create a Sidekick Mii who’ll go off sending your messages for you. A Sidekick Mii, which you can create to resemble a real life friend, or scan in their Mii’s QR code. Plus there’s a new postal outfit your Delivery Mii can wear when sending your latest outgoing mission, but forget the new features for a moment. I want to talk about the new layout!


Miitomo has a new layout, new loading screen, smoother use and it actually looks good. This is not the same Miitomo we were using before, this is a new Miitomo. Version 2.0 doesn’t justify it, this is Miitomo 2 and with all the changes that have arrived, Miitomo has actually become the app it was meant to be, an app mobile gamers can really enjoy now that the social side of it has gotten even bigger. Miitomo is actually good now!


We can design our rooms how we want it (provided we have required wallpaper and floorboards items that can be earned from new Miitomo furniture based Drops! That change daily). We can put up posters and sure from the get go we only have one poster place, but you can actually buy more and decorate your entire room. Also forget about just changing your outfit, you can change it and share it to the Style Central, a new function that enables you to share your Miitomo fashion with all of those playing the app. There is even an Answer Central, which works exactly like the Style Central, except instead of sharing your outfit, you’re sharing answers to questions that everyone can see!

But Nintendo didn’t just stop there! Why merely give the app the update we have all been waiting for, when they can do that and throw a huge promo event in our faces that are bound to get is playing the app for at least a week. We’re talking exclusive awards that can only be acquired by completing missions that involve the new features (sending and receiving messages, posting an answer to the Answer Central and giving a heart to an answer in the Answer Central and logging in a number of times during the promo.) But even then that’s not all as Nintendo are sending out a Mario Outfit and Hat, plus a Luigi Outfit and Hat, to anyone who updates and plays the app and that’s not the only Mario outfit available. Log in bonuses are going to be extra special for the next 7 days and to whoever logs in every day, can get a very, very special Fire Mario Outfit and Hat. Top prizes indeed!


Then of course there is one last surprise in store for whoever logs in. Remember the Splatoon, Breath of the Wild and Metroid/Miitomo collaboration events we had? They’re all making a comeback, which means if there was an item or more you failed to acquire, you now have a second chance to get it and the 2nd chance at Splatoon has started already with the Zelda event taking place one week from today (the 17th) and Metroid the week after that (the 24th).


As far as Miitomo goes, I am very pleased with what it has become and what Nintendo have been able to turn it into, so it would be interesting to see just how long this new update manages to keep us entertained this time around.



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