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With the new update for Miitomo available now, My Nintendo now has three new ways we can earn additional Platinum Points.

The new missions are something you can complete daily and collectively earn you an additional 13 Platinum Points, but before we dive into the new missions, let’s talk about the missions that have been removed. Remember a time when you’d have to “Listen to friends’ answers 10 times a day” just to get 5 points? Gone are those days for that is the mission that has bid us adieu. Shame really, I enjoyed that one. The other mission is Change your Mii’s clothes once a day, another one I actually didn’t mind doing.2016-11-10

So with those two gone, the three missions that essential replace them are as follows:


  • 3 Platinum Points: Answer 1 question in Answer Central (Daily)
  • 3 Platinum Points: Daily Mission: Post in Style Central (Daily)
  • 3 Platinum Points: Daily Mission: Send a message to a friend in Miitomo (Daily)


*Missions such as; Get 5 hearts on your answers in one daily (Daily), Get 5 comments on your answers in one daily (Daily) and Answer the question of the day, still remain.

2016-11-10 (1).png

While some may consider it a waste of time to partake in the new missions to acquire their points, as there aren’t really any good rewards to spend them on, I for one am glad to get some new missions to do for once, even if they are more Miitomo ones.


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