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Having skipped a couple of days, I logged into Miitomo today to get the last of my daily bonuses  and decided that while I was in the app, to do a couple of challenges to top up my Platinum Points. Everything was hunky dory  and then I wasasked the Question Of The Day “What is popular right now that you would like to know more about?” At first I didn’t think much of it because it was a question that was asked before a while ago (E3. Breath of the Wild, Need I say more?) but then it dawned on me, is this Nintendo’s way of finding out what their consumers wants and interests are? The Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer came out only a week or so ago, so could Nintendo be using Miitomo as a means to find out what we think about the new Console?

It may sound a little paranoid but it is not uncommon for companies to send out questionnaires to their consumers to find out what they think about their products. Nintendo in a backwards fashion, have actually created an app just for that which is user friendly and almost doesn’t feel as intrusive as a questionnaire email. Whatever the case, I was going to put my paranoia to rest until I was asked this question afterwards: “What household electronics do you want to replace?”

Now I am certain that Nintendo want me to replace my Wii U with the Nintendo Switch, which was something I was going to do anyway but now its like Nintendo are reading my mind and that’s scary. Anyhow, I could be just making a mountain out of a molehill. Have you received these questions since the Nintendo Switch reveal? Please feel free to leave your answers and opinions in the comment section below.

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