If you regularly follow Serebii, or are subscribed to The Official Pokémon Channel, then there is a good chance you have already seen the third Train On trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon, but just how close were you paying attention?

Besides revealing the name of another Z-Move (Breakneck Blitz) and a few moves we can expect to use in the upcoming titles, it also reveals a ton of information with regards to the Alola’s Pokédex and by information I mean confirmation of the previous generation Pokémon we can expect to encounter and their corresponding dex entry number and we have that information right here:


*Starters and their evolutions are not included as their numbers would be obvious and they weren’t shown in the trailers, which is the same reason why Eevee (#123) isn’t listed below as well.

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#017 – #021

#017. Caterpie

#018. Metapod

#019. Butterfree

#020. Ledyba

#021. Ledian (*Assumption as Ledian wasn’t actually shown)


#027 – #049

#027. Grubbin

#028. Charjabug

#029. Vikavolt (*Judging by the footage, Charjabug evolves into Vikavolt at Level 40)

#030. Bonsly

#031. Sudowoodu

#032. Happiny

#033. Chansey

#034. Blissey

#035. Munchlax

#036. Snorlax

#037. Slowpoke

#038. Slowbro

#039. Slowking

#040. Wingull

#041. Pelipper

#042. Abra

#043. Kadabra

#044. Alakazam

#045. Alolan Meowth

#046. Alolan Persian

#047. Magnemite

#048. Magneton

#049. Magnezone


#253 – #254

#253. Alolan Vulpix

#254. Alolan Ninetails


#269 – #270

#269. Exeggcute

#270. Alolan Exeggutor


 Sure this might not be a ground-breaking reveal, but with Alolan Exeggutor being number ##270 on the list, there’s a good chance there’s another 30 after it, which means yes Alola may not have a whole lot of new Pokémon, at least it has a lot of Pokémon for us to pursue, even if we have caught them multiple times in the past when playing the previous titles and it does paint a much clearer picture of the other Pokémon we can hope to encounter!

By Jack Longman

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