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Though Nintendo have not yet stated how much the Nintendo Switch will cost. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kamishima has said that the company is listening to what consumers expect to pay when the console releases. He also stated that the system will not be sold for a loss and that Nintendo is planning to ship two million units before the end of this fiscal year, which ends in March.

A Technology Reporter for the Wall Street Journal in Japan took to his Twitter account to relay this information and it seems that a lot of people seem to think that the console should be sold around the $300 mark. Of course there are others that are ridiculously low and some that seem steep but were priced with bundle editions in mind. Nevertheless, I think we could be expecting a price in the ballpark of $300-375.


This is of courses a rough estimate as it is ultimately up to Nintendo, how much the console will sell for and we will find out next year when Nintendo finally spill the beans on how much each unit will sell for and probably most importantly, it’s specifications.

Source: Takashi Mochizuki (Twitter)

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