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It has been a while since I have actually done a review myself but with the recent release of Paper Mario: Colour Splash on Wii U, I have decided it was for the best to take hold of the Review Reins in my own hands and pen it myself (or rather type it myself). So here is my review on what is probably Nintendo’s last first-party game for the Wii U this year.

There have been a lot of mixed feelings about this game ever since it was announced earlier in the year. Some relished that another Paper Mario game was making a comeback, others dreaded that it might be another Sticker Star debacle, I on the other hand, was hoping that it would go back to basics and play like the original Paper Mario on the N64. I was quite relieved to find that it actually did maintain some of the qualities that made Paper Mario 64 so great! The game is by no means a copy of any of the others though the same elements that make a Mario game are all present, Mario? Check. Princess Peach getting Kidnapped by Bowser? Check. Ever increasing difficulty in levels? Check. Everything is all there but it is still enjoyable and fun if not more so.



It’s a dark stormy night and two hooded figures are making their way to a little cottage where a known plumber happens to live. Mario opens the door to which the two figures reveal themselves to be a very solemn Princess Peach and Toad. They hold in their hands a letter which turns out to be toad shaped and is in fact a toad that has been drained of it’s colour, Mario takes a look at the address that is stamped to the back of the Toad’s head and notice’s that it is addressed from a place called Prisma Island. On board a ship, Mario, Peach & Toad brave the stormy seas to arrive at Prisma Island. The place is a ghost town which white patches all over it. After looking at the supposed rainbow fountain in the middle of the town which is now bone dry of colour, Mario & Peach activate the secret chamber and release a paint can called Huey. Mario is later ambushed by Shy guys with Straws which have been sucking the place dry of colour. After beating them, the gang go back to the fountain to which Huey reveals that there used to paint stars that gave life and colour to Prisma Island and they seem to have disappeared. This is where Mario comes in and promises Huey that they will find the Paint Stars and return Prisma Island to it’s former glory.



Paper Mario plays like a Adventure/RPG with a lot of the status increasing elements taken out of it. It uses a turn-based battle system that pit Mario against several different enemies at a time. You can also increase the amount of times you can attack with card slots which you collect in game and you attack enemies with battle cards. Battle cards are essential to the game’s battle mechanic and can have a large array of attacks including Jump, Hammer, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, POW blocks and more. Though there are no companions other than Huey, and none of which fight alongside you. You can however, play enemy battle cards which you pick up during your adventure which, will bring your chosen baddie into the fray and will in turn, attack enemies for you and will take damage for you until they are defeated. You can also use “Thing” cards which will bring objects into the battle that can severely change the course of the battle to your favour (my personal favourite at the time of writing this review is the breakdancing piggy bank). The button techniques are easy to learn and take a while to master or you can use the gamepad’s touchscreen to select cards, administer combos and more. movement can be a bit tricky at times and there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on each level to maintain replayability to complete them all. There are also mini-games scattered around in some levels that can reward you with cards and coins.



The graphics are amazing and are probably the best seen yet in any Wii U game. They are crisp, colourful and truly accentuate the fact that this world you are traveling is really made out of paper and card, the care that has been taken to make every pebble look like a piece of card, bushes have folded stands, trees have little supports that hold them up, it is like taking a journey on a giant diorama. There is no pixelated or fuzzy edges to be seen anywhere unless purposely added. It is a graphically masterpiece that make all other games on the Wii U like they could use an overhaul.



Where do I start with the audio? As usual, it uses a lot of the sounds and audio from the other Mario games but a lot of them are revamped and bring a refreshing feel to the game, it is familiar yet new at the same time, there are a lot of tunes that you may or may not have realized like during some of the minigames, the backgound music is that of Super Mario Bros 2. The sound effects also do their job well and really do set the tone for the game, there was one part in the Indigo Underground that almost had me out of my chair, it was that creepy.


Well, I guess it is that time again where we give a list of Pros & Cons so here it is:


  • The game is a lot of fun and has plenty to do, plenty of replayability to have, revisiting levels, and completing side challenges.
  • It is colourful, bright and well in keeping with other Paper Mario games.
  • The Battle mechanic is easy enough to follow and opens plenty of possibilities, not every battle is the same unless you want it to be.
  • There may not be companions to help you in battle but you CAN make bad guys fight bad guys, A koopa troopa can make light work of any ground enemies, even if there is a huge line of them.
  • It isn’t Paper Mario: Sticker Star so you can all rest easy.


  • It doesn’t have any stat boosting mechanics to make you stronger, you can upgrade your health or collect stronger battle cards but that is about it.
  • There are times it can take forever to find all the colourless spots on a level. If you are a completionist but don’t know where to look, guaranteed this will eat up a lot of your game time
  • No other playable characters or multiplayer mode. Not really a deal breaker but it would have been nice to play some of the other characters in the franchise, Luigi only had a brief spell in Super Paper Mario on the Wii but with the amount of toads that are in the game, you would of though at least one of them could give you a hand in battle


Closing Thoughts And Final Score

This is definitely a game worth adding to the Wii U Library as it is great fun to play and immerse yourself in. I have been plying it non-stop since I got it and I am still enjoying it. Though this is not the game that would make you buy a Wii U, if you already have a Wii U, then you should definitely add this game to your collection. It has all the adventuring mechanics of all the other Mario games, with a splash of colour (See what I did there), humour, easy to learn RPG mechanics and a truly unique spin on the Paper Mario series by using “things” that seem like normal household object and turning them into weapons of mass destruction… to paper villians of course!

So I shall give this game a truly well deserved…



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This post was written by Mike Scorpio


  • Wow, you liked it that much?! That’s great! =D

    I just got the second Color Star (or whatever it is they are called) and I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the game. I actually played it for more than five hours non-stop today!

    Still, although it has a huge number of improvements when compared to the dreadful Sticker Star (for starters, it actually has writing!), I am shocked at how the battle system remains pretty bad. Battles are just pointless. Put a great battle system in this game and it is a classic. With the one it has, I feel it is “just” very good.

    But I have been laughing and having a great time. That’s all that matters, really.

    • The battle system does leave a lot to be desired, it is true but I find that the Paper Mario are the middle ground between adventure and RPG, what with the Mario & Luigi series now being the latter. I do find the battle cards system a tad odd but it does offer a wider variety to your attacks, providing you have a variety of cards that is. If you only buy or find jump cards, than that is all you can do but by adding other types of cards like the fire flower, ice flower, frog suit and raccoon tail, in can make ever battle feel a little different. The humour of the game is hilarious and makes references to many other games and movies, look out for who I like to call “Solid Toad” at Fort Cobalt, he comes with his own… I better not say, in case of Spoilers 😉

      • I am looking forward to meeting him then.

        I am actually ok with the card system, except for the fact this time around using them requires way too many actions (choosing them, painting them, and then flicking them). The main problem to me is the fact battles offer no reward.

        • I know what you mean, there are no exp points so you don’t feel like you are improving but they do drop enemy cards some times which you can donate to the card museum in action Toad’s house

        • Donating enough cards unlocks character art and location designs

          • Yeah, I have been making as many donations as possible! I didn’t know they unlocked those things, though. Thanks for letting me know!

            • If you find all the colourless spots in levels, you can also unlock songs. As regards to “thing” cards, you can buy what you have found from the wringer hiding in the barrels of Port Prisma where the ship is docked.

              • Yeah, I already knew of those two.

                The shop for “thing” cards is quite useful, but it is still annoying to reach a certain location, realize you are missing a necessary “thing” card, and have to go back to port to purchase it.

                The colorless spots of some levels are killing me. I have got 95% or more in a couple of them and I have no idea what I am missing. =P

  • Great review Mike! I hated Sticker Star, and even though Color Splash is very similar, I actually would like to play it. It definitely looks improved and more fun, so that pro about it not being Sticker Star does let me rest easy.

    • I must admit that I have not played Sticker star but I am sure that this game will be much more popular than the poorly received Sticker Star.

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