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If you’ve been following our Zelda You feature the last few months, you’ll have noticed that yesterday we failed to post Issue #10 and there’s a very good reason for that.


That reason is our series that is made up of your Zelda stories, has run out of stories. Specifically, we have run out of stories. Our Zelda You series requires stories sent in by Zelda fans to keep it going. Sure we could do a few issues here and there consisting more of our own stories to fill the space, but we prefer to have them consist solely of yours, so because we have run out of your stories, here is our rollcall/plea in the hopes you’ll send in your stories for us to post to our site and credit you for and if it’s an incentive you’re after, we’ve got one.

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On the 1st of September, there was a Nintendo Direct and one of the things that was shown, was a new wave of amiibo, an amiibo wave that celebrates the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, which releases in December. Well come December, everyone who submits a story to Miketendo64 for Zelda You series, from now onwards will be entered in a draw to win one of the four new Zelda amiibos. There will only be one chosen winner and that winner will be able to choose the amiibo they wish to receive, but you have got to be in it to win it and here are the three ways for you to get in touch with us:


  1. Visit our Facebook Page Miketendo64 and send us a direct message.
  2. Take the more direct route and email us at miketendo64@gmail.com.
  3. Or comment your Zelda story in the comment section of wherever you see this post. (Be it on our website, our Facebook page or even Zelda Amino.)


Now if you have sent us a story, opinion or a rant in the past, like a number of you have already, your name has already been added to the draw, so you don’t have to send in another submission to be added, but you are free to send us another entry and we will post it!1b

As for Issue #10, provided we get at least one submission within the next two weeks, Issue #10 will come out on the 16th of October. If we don’t receive one, we’ll just have to do another staff story while we wait for the submissions to come in, but if you’re reading this, then there’s a great chance you are a Zelda fan and if you are, then you have no excuse for not sending us a story. Zelda You is feature where we can show our Zelda pride and pay homage to a series that has given us so much and it needs You!



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