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Today is a great Day for Team Miketendo64 as we have been joined by two new bloggers which many of you will no doubt know on WordPress, they are none other than Matt of NintendoBound & themancalledscott of Wizard DojoThese two mighty bloggers are welcome additions to Team Miketendo64 and we are very grateful to have them join our ranks. This doesn’t mean that they have left their own blogs, on the contrary, they will still be writing for their own sites but will also be directing some of their content to our website as well.

Our goal at Miketendo64 was to create a website where our readers can find all the information they are looking for about Nintendo related articles in one place. By joining forces with other bloggers and journalists, we are making that goal happen. As our readers can easily access content from other great sources directly from our website and not have to scour through pages and pages on Search engines. Matt, themancalledscott, we thank you for accepting our offer to join forces as together we can spread ourselves even further across the globe.

Miketendo64 has truly become international in terms of it’s readers being from many different countries across the world and that our team members are also spread across the world too! Jack & I, although originally from the UK, live in Southern Spain, Dan of Dansgamingnews lives in Canada, Mr Panda (Mr. Panda’s Game Reviews) & Kuribo (Nintendo Figures) reside in the United States. Victoria(HGN) of the (Handheld Gaming Network) is our agent in the UK and Matt of NintendoBound gives us a foothold in Brazil!

We are always looking for writers and bloggers to join our team so if you would like to join what I like to call the “Justice League Of Nintendo Bloggers” AKA Team Miketendo64, by all means contact us via our email: or leave your messages in the comments below.

Until Next Time Guys & Girls… Keep On Gaming!

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