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It has been confirmed by Bandai Namco that they have shipped 1 million copies worldwide of the Pokémon/Tekken love child that is Pokken Tournament, the one-on-one fighting game which blends the fighting styles of Street Fighter and Tekken with aesthetic and move sets of Pokémon. However, just because 1 million units of Pokken Tournament has been shipped, does not mean that is how many units have been sold. I do like to think how ever that the game is popular enough to have at least sold 750,000 copies as I can’t see more than 250,000 units sat on store shelves. With any luck, maybe we could be seeing a second installment down the line or at the very least some DLC to keep the game entertaining with New Characters or even a new “story mode.” They could really push the boat out and a 2 vs. 2 Double Team Mode, now that I would really like to see.

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