Pokémon GO has yet to be fully released around the globe and hasn’t even been out for a week yet and already the CEO of Niantic, John Hanke has admitted that the developers behind the app are already thinking about what is to come within the coming weeks/months.


One of the biggest things that Hanke said to Business Insider, is that trading will be coming to Pokémon GO. Hanke believes trading to be a “core element” of Pokémon GO, because by enabling us trade not just with our friends, but the strangers we encounter in the street,  will bring us together not just in the “virtual world, but the real world as well.” It would have been great if he elaborated on the details of just how the trading will go down, but he didn’t, instead he gave us something else entirely.

The “something else entirely” is an idea of what other features we can expect to see implemented into the app, such as a global leadership scoreboard so that those playing Pokémon GO can see just who exactly is the very best. There will also be changes to the augmented reality side of the game too because according to Hanke, although what they have done already by making your camera project Pokémon in your surroundings is a “great first step,” there is still a lot more they can do with it as well.

Also looking to be improved sometime soon are the PokéStops and Gyms we see in the game. Right now the ones we see are simply the basic version of them and Niantic aim to build on them, to make them even better. Although as great as all of that sounds, I would gladly wait a couple of months for these changes if it meant Niantic would solely focus on fixing the servers so that the global release can be taken off pause and resumed, so we can all get a go and maybe take care of a few of the bugs too. (I’m not saying they aren’t working on a fix right now because they are, but merely voicing my preference on where their priorities should be.)
But trading? Yeah I want in on that action, what about you? Are you as hyped as us for trading, or would you rather see something else implemented instead? Be sure to comment it below.


Source: Matt Weinberger of Business Insider


By Jack Longman

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25 thoughts on “Niantic on “the Future of Pokémon GO””
  1. Pokemon battles with other traners when you walk by each other add other rejoins of the pokemon games but in order and once a year people gather around in certain places to actually see who is the real pokemon master that’s how I would put it trading pokemon they should of thought about that and battle other traners before they made pokemon go

  2. How do you expect ppl to get these items from the poke spots when said spots dont have wifi and u either dont have a internet connection and ur phone cant or wont connect with 3g or 4g

  3. The first problem to be fixed is more Pokemon. I’m in the middle of no where were they is no Pokemon. I can roam 300 acres but not a single Pokemon nearby. I go into town and there will be 13-14 nearby. It kinda sucks and no gym or pokeshops in it which also sucks. Hard to spend money on a game that would be wasting it for where I’m at. More Pokemon and pokeshops and gyms for us country folks.

  4. 1.Will there really be a ban on all the devices that have downloaded the apk version?
    2.Im in a remote area about 50km outside the nearest town and around me there is no gyms and only one pokestop, i would like to know if more gyms and spots will be put up around the area of users in remote areas like myself?
    3. The distance indicator under the pokemon is very vague. For example how many meters is equivalent to one ‘print’? And it will be helpful to atleast indicate if the pokemon is to the north, south, east, or west from your current location once you are tracking it.

    1. Last I read for each foot print was 100 meters so if you have ever 3 footprints thatso 300 meters

    2. No, THose assholes wont ban you, but they will ban the version you are using. Personally, Unless those assholes change their intel embargo, I have to get another phone. P.S. they could have said that sooner!

  5. Can we get fishing poles in the game I have so many ponds by my house but almost know water Pokemon

  6. Lol first up im saying the CEO’s of Niantic and Nintendo and whatever other businesses involved in launching pokemon GO are completely nearsighted and living under a rock. We live in a Global society already, literally billions of smart phones everywhere in every country. When pokemon was first introduced to the world we where all in our early teens late teens, we now late 20s early 30s with smart phones. (Do some research next time you do a ”world wide” release of an incredibly popular cartoon series. Literally the day it was released in Australia there was a hack for the rest of the world. We all want to play the game and we all have money the buy items. This is why Nintendo is not a top business anymore…..same OLD leadership.

    I got the game 2 days ago, im totally hooked, my gf included we literally spent Saturday and Sunday driving around and hiking local game reserves searching for pokemon and attacking gyms.

    Bottom line. Make it avialiable to the whole world get alot more servers up and running, get the glitches out, then once you hitting 100 million dollars a week profit from the 2 billion smart phones in the world only start adding features like trading.

  7. Or maybe put pokestops in the other country… Im from Algeria & there is 0 pokestops U_u

      1. Not true. I’m in SA and there are millions of pokestops. We have around 47 in the area that I stay.

      2. Pokéstop are generated through a different app developed by Nantiac and requested by google, it was called Ingress. When I find the proper link for the Pokéstop you can locate gyms and stops near you. It is however hard to understand at first but it will make sense later.

  8. Trainer Battles!!! And we should be able to ‘train’ our current Pokemon in order to improve them – like the old Nintendo games used to by battling wild Pokemon and other trainers

  9. Idont like when i lose service because yes i have crap cell company that i lose my in sent and lucky egg that i paid for and just activated as soon as barz drop my consider new phone but cant afford accidentally spent ten more dollars on app not asking for money back because i love this game so for but maybe lots more survers and some kind of save mode for progress and also a alert and how you tube stay on unless you lock i want game to stay on like that as well personal option but some I’m sure will agree steven j rocha jr thanks. Great game .

    1. Just, Contact them, Theyll give you another. And cricket is a good one to go with. They have a $70 unlimited plan. Much better option personally

  10. I would love to see different regions implemented into the game Mt personal favorite Sinnoh

  11. I’d love push notifications…
    That way I’m not wasting my battery away while there’s zero Pokemon around…

  12. I would like them to fix the AR mode. Mine will not work. It’s no big deal, I can still play but it would be nice to see the pokes in my world too.

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