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If you are in Europe, Canada or South Africa, territories that were recently promised Pokémon GO is “coming soon,” expect to wait a lot longer because Niantic have admitted they halted the app’s rollout release and they have good reason too.


With the territories that the app is already available in, the servers are being overwhelmed, which is annoying a lot of users due to not being able to access the app as much as they would like and because of this, although the developers behind the Pokémon app would like to see it released everywhere, right now that just can’t happen. They are however fully aware of the problem and are attempting to put a fix in place as well fixes to other known buts but right now, according to John Hanke, Pokémon GO’s global release is “paused until we’re comfortable.”

As someone in Europe, it is a bit saddening to hear this, what with all the countries that got to participate in the field-tests have now got access to the app, whereas everyone else doesn’t (unless of course they are using the APK which according to rumours, could get a lot of gamers banned from the app when it officially releases in their countries.) Still it just means I get to spend more time covering both the good and bad qualities and happenings of Pokémon GO and not just in-game functions.


For more Pokémon GO related news and a forthcoming review, be sure to visit our site again, as we will be supplying fairly regular updates pertaining to all aspects of Pokémon GO.


Source: Matt Weinberger of Business Insider

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