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As you probably know Kirby is a side scrolling  platformer and this latest instalment is no different in that respect. But with a twist. You can now control a robobot during certain points in a level. Kirby can aquire abilities during a level such as ice, fire, electricity, oil, and power ups such as invincibility, bombs and many more. You can also aquire fighting powerups/weapons like swords, ninja stars(or what looks like it) and kickboxing etc.


Each level is very colourful with a lot going on and maintains an average difficulty level.
I love the amount of detail they have put into each level. Some of the levels are silly as you get squished by giant ice-creams and snooker balls, which is quite amusing. You work your way through collecting stars for extra lives, stickers to customise your robobot and cubes which you need to unlock further levels.


The game is very enjoyable and not once did I get frustrated playing, (The levels are fairly short so it is perfect for short burts if you don’t have a lot of time)Even when playing the underwater levels which I usually don’t enjoy. The music also suits each level perfectly.
A lot of the levels have a mini boss and when you have finished 5 levels you can trade your cubes in to fight the end boss of that area, these are a little challenging at times but so much fun.


You can also purchase Amiibos to use in game which I believe unlocks that specific character but I don’t own any myself.
The game also features a battle mode called Team Kirby Clash where you can choose from four different fighting classes and defeat a boss. There is also the Kirby 3D Rumble mini game where you run around defeating enemies and collecting stars within a time limit, with a boss battle at the end. I didn’t play these extra games much as I didn’t really enjoy them that much. But I think they are a nice distraction for others who want a break from the main game.


I haven’t played that many Kirby games but this is best so far. And the fact it has sold out in many shops says something. My copy is digital because of this but I recieved a free theme with it which is only available until 7th July if you download the game.

You need this game in your collection.
Overall I score it 9/10.


Written by Victoria Thorley (HGN)

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