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You may remember last month we shared a video from pdwinnall concerning Litten’s & Popplio’s secondary type for their final forms? Well this time his latest video comes after the footage we got of Sun & Moon during E3, which concerns Popplio.


The second the Fairy-Type move “Disarming Voice,” was spotted among Popplio’s current moves, almost everyone is jumping back on the “Popplio’s is going to evolve into a Water/Fairy-type” bandwagon and pdwinnall is not among them. So with that in mind here’s pdwinnall and his counter argument that Disarming Voice proves nothing.

In the event you did like the video, be sure to subscribe to pdwinnall so you can see a lot more of them and should you have anything you wish to say on this, make sure you leave a comment in the comment section of this video on YouTube.

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