Originally we intended to do one of these every few hours, but with a number of huge Zelda news sites doing something similar (creating many clickbait articles that reveal a single thing, less than 10 words,) we decided to wait until now. The reason for this? Because we’d rather get a whole bunch of information and just post it on one single place.


One difference between this version and the last one is that instead of walking through what was shown within the first two hours, we’re listing all of the best highlights without trying to give away all important spoilers. Please enjoy.


  • Genre: Developed by Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an Open-Air Game.


  • Set Path: There is no set path for Link to take. The adventure is entirely your own to make, so if you are all about learning the full story, then you will want to go everywhere, explore every nook and cranny and take on all 100+ Shrines (doing so will give you a very special item.) Or if you’re in a hurry to just finish it, you cam of course just rush off for the final battle, within 20 minutes of starting.


  • Voice Acting & Gender roles: Voice acting is in fact confirmed for the game. So far we have only heard just the one voice speak, (either Hylia or Princess Zelda,) but more is confirmed to take place during the game and confirmed by Eiji Aonuma, Breath of the Wild does not feature a female playable Link and nor will the titles that follow it. Link in his current gender, along with Ganondorf and Princess Zelda, make for a balanced Triforce. He feels two females would unbalance it, so pretty much as long as Aonuma is involved, we will not be seeing a female Link in a main title Zelda game any time soon.BotW_Link.jpg
  • Means of Exploration: With such a large area to wander (x12 times bigger than the map of Twilight Princess,) Link is not limited to traversing by foot. He can run, climb and even jump, all of which for a limited amount of time as the stamina gauge from Skyward Sword is back. Link can also mount any horse he encounters in the wild and of course jump off high cliffs and buildings and glide as long as you have the paraglider.


  • Sheikah Slate: The Sheikah Slate, a whole new item for the game has a huge effect on this new Hyrule. It possess a scope that can be used for gazing off into the distance and reading an enemy’s’ health. It can also be used to mark locations, navigate through the game and create two kinds of bombs with different uses and generate abilities. Lastly it is the source of Link’s magic, which enables him to use the likes of Magnesis to pull objects and Stasis field to freeze objects in time.


  • Food: Cutting grass will not produce rupees and hearts. If you are after life, you will need to wat an apple, but if you haven’t got any, you will have to go out and forage for any and all food you can find. Food can also be cooked, creating meals, (only allowed up to 5 meals at a time.) But meals aren’t just limited to enabling you to recover more health, but also has other effects such as allowing you to tolerate the cold for longer, when ill-equipped for the snowy areas of the game, as Link is affected by weather and cold. Food can also be sold for money.


  • Clothes & Armour: To counter the effects that weather has on Link, all the player needs to do is change what equipment they are wearing to something that suits the environment better. We may not have seen the green tunic yet, but there is a whole range of clothing options in this game and treasure chests containing them are everywhere. Among the clothing options there is also armour available, which effects damage and more, but it’s not just what you wear you can change as Link’s hair style can also be changed.


  • Amiibo: Link may not have a set companion in the game, but he can have one thanks to amiibo support. Remember the Wolf Link amiibo and how you can save hearts to it upon playing through the Cave of Shadows from Twilight Princess HD? Well those hearts you saved are the number of hearts Wolf Link will have in Breath of the Wild, as the wolf can be your companion should you wish it. The two of you will be able to take on enemies, hunt prey and go wherever you wish. Should you fail to defend your companion though, Wolf Link will leave your side and unable to come back until the next day. Other amiibo usage confirmed for the game pertains to the new amiibo revealed for the game as the Rider Link amiibo will put Link on a horse and the Archer Link will give you a bow.


  • Shrine of Trials: As mentioned there are over 100 Shrine of Trials, shrines that can be visited in whatever order you wish and are vital to obtaining runes and more. The first four shrines you encounter serves as the tutorial of the game, without having to bog you down with text bubbles. Completing the first four will also enable you to receive the paraglider from the Old Man. But before you start getting worried that there are no dungeons, there are dungeons in the game, just none shown during all the footage we were shown.


  • Links new moves: New to the latest Zelda title is Flurry Rush, a special ability that makes everything around Link enter a state of slow-motion action, whenever he executes a perfect dodge. In this state Link can swing away to his heart’s content, executing Spin Attacks and more. Link can also enter a slow-motion state of his own when he is in mid-air, armed with his bow. When in this slow state that does use up stamina, Link is able to take more accurate headshots at enemies, which is very handy as headshots equal double damage. As well as all that, Link is a lot more agile than we have seen before, both in and out of battle and is not afraid to use his shield as a board whenever surfing downhill.


  • Weapons: There are so many weapons for Link to use in this game and they aren’t all swords and a bow and arrow. Sure there are single-handed swords and double-handed swords, but there are plenty of axes, spears and even the arms of your enemies. (During Treehouse footage, Link is shown attacking a Stalfos with its own, moving arm.) Weapons however are not perfect as they can sustain damage, so as long as you keep finding them and equipping them, as they can be found anywhere, you’ll never have to worry. Same goes for shields, so if you love surfing, make sure it’s not on a shield you actually like because finding another might take a while, unless you know the town or village you purchased it from. Interestingly though, weapons can be thrown at enemies too.


  • Other fun Stuff: With the likes of Koroks being seen in the game, the Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time being seen and strong Skyward Sword references, it is very easy to get confused as to just where this game fit in the timeline. For us we say don’t fret about it, there is plenty of time to find our closer to the day and does it really matter. Breath of the Wild is a Zelda like no other, yet like a lot of them all at the same time and a lot like modern western games too. But don’t worry, pot smashing is present but there are some cool things about this new instalment. Bokoblins not only have camps in the wild, but also have skull houses that they call home and with great power comes great responsibility. Just because you can use bombs to go fishing, doesn’t mean you should use bombs to go fishing and if you do, please leave the ducks alone, they look so good!


For now at least, this ends our What we Know so Far, but don’t be surprised if we don’t do a third instalment at a later date. Photos were courtesy of Hyrule Herald.


Till next time folks. You’re never too old to get your GAME on!

By Jack Longman

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