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The Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 was back and they kicked things off with Pokémon and if you’re after the complete run-through of the demonstration, I’ll have to apologise because this is mostly a run through of the highlights, but we hope you will still continue reading.


So to go with what I felt was the biggest news, it is the intention to have Pokémon GO feature all Pokémon from all Generations, but it starts with those from Gen I because of it being the 20th anniversary of Pokémon.


Second big piece of news came from Junichi Masuda, of Game Freak, who told us that there are plans to have in the future, Pokémon GO connect with the main games. Upon launch of the game (the release of which is being primed for release at the end of July,) connecting to future main titles won’t be implemented as the developers prefer the gamers to focus on commencing their Pokémon GO adventure. To catch Pokémon, to trade Pokémon (reconfirmed,) and really give themselves to Pokémon GO.


Next we move on to the Pokémon GO Plus device itself, which Miyamoto should off proudly and was actually quick with revealing that the device will release towards the end of July, (just like the full game,) and upon said release, it will cost $34.99 dollars in the United States of America. So now that we know how much it costs, just what exactly does it do? Essentially it is a device to make the whole gaming experience possible without having to actually look at your smartphone all the time. Niantic want you to explore the world around you, to see that world and be a part of it, but with the added bonus of catching Pokémon at the same time. So what the device will do is flash green and vibrate if a Pokémon is nearby and by pressing the button on the middle of the Pokémon GO Plus device, you can attempt to catch the Pokémon. Whilst attempting the catch, the device will flash rainbow colours, but should you fail, it will go red. Should you fail, as it is possibly, you can simply try again and carry on with your hike. The Pokémon GO Plus device also connects to smartphones via Bluetooth.


That’s essentially all the big news, but it was also revealed that by catching 25 Squirtles you will get enough Squirtle candy to evolve your Squirtle into a Wartortle. Sure it is hugely different to what we see of evolution from the main games, but it’s not a deal breaker. There will also be Pokémon GO events implemented but not at release and just like that’ we’re at the end of our highlights. Thank you for reading.


Source: Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3



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