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E3 is around the corner and with the big Zelda extravaganza almost here, Nintendo have devised new means to continue the Zelda celebrations and one of them involves Miitomo but before you roll your eyes, a new My Nintendo reward will become available and it is no less than an item from the upcoming Zelda title and it’s not the only new item we can get either!


We’ve already seen Splatoon make a splash in Miitomo and now it is the turn of The Legend of Zelda and by Zelda we mean the new game we can expect to see at E3. As part of the crossover, new Miitomo Drop! stages will be added, stages in which you can acquire items from the upcoming game. There will also be new Zelda items that you can purchase directly from the Miitomo shop using your coins (I hope you’ve been saving up.)


But that’s not all, because there is also an ongoing Twitter event (lasts until the 13th of June,) which is a lot like the last one we had, except this time 10,000 retweets will earn Miitomo users a special Link’s New Hairdo Wig, whereas 20,000 will see you get that gift and a Link’s Wig as well. Provided Nintendo meet their mark, the gifts will become available from the 14th of June until the 14th of July. Here’s a quick word from the Miitomo website:


The Retweet campaign is available worldwide, and Retweets of Tweets tagged with #Miitomo_Zelda_RT from the following accounts will be counted towards the total:

Now I don’t know about you, but for me this is a great reason to revisit Miitomo as Zelda is a theme I was hoping would come to it and now it has, but who would have expected exclusive Zelda Wii U items would actually be a part of it? We sure didn’t, but we are really glad we are and if we all want to get those Link Wigs, we’ve got some retweeting to do. “Zelda Fans Assemble!” (PS. Enjoy the new artwork!)




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