As part of the changes around Miketendo64, we’ll be sharing plenty of videos from notorious theorists regarding Zelda, Pokémon and everything else Nintendo related and with HMK being such a notorious Zelda theorist, well naturally we just had to give his videos a regular feature of his own and this is the second instalment!HMK2

In last week’s instalment, we shared HMK’s Sheikah theory, which came about after it was finally confirmed that the upcoming Zelda title does in fact have a strong Sheikah connection. In case you missed it, be sure to click here because HMK made some good points in his theory and it’s worth checking out. As for what’s coming up in this week’s video, HMK is on hand to tell us why the Sheikah connection is important!


Like him, love him, or hate him, HMK certainly has his own way of doing things, and it definitely makes him stand out, so here’s the second video of his to make it on to our site:

(Warning! The following video is a Zelda related discussion regarding the upcoming Zelda title, by HMK. All views, opinions and theories expressed here are entirely his own!)

Without a doubt, the Sheikah and their ways is certainly something us Zelda fans have been wanting to learn more about, but with every new instalment, we were no closer to their secrets, but now it does seem like all will be changed when Zelda U/NX finally sees its release in 2017.


If you enjoyed this video from HMK, make sure you check out his YouTube channel where you can find more videos just like this one. To visit his channel, click anywhere you see his name and be sure to subscribe so you never have to miss another video. He also put out a trailer for his channel this year, a trailer you can catch right here:

Regardless of whether you go down the subscribe route, we’ll be posting MORE of his videos here, so be sure to check back just for that! And should you have any thoughts on what was said, feel free to comment them here or directly on YouTube in the comments section for the video.


By Jack Longman

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